Why are you going to the middle of Kansas to stand in a field?  Is something I’ve asked myself about a year ago as I drove into the middle of the Sunflower State struggling to find a decent A.M. radio station.

The eventual answer is, that I am ‘high-pointing'[1].

Now, although high-pointing sounds like something elicit (or legal in some states), it’s simply put going to the highest point in a state, or area.  There is the very ‘American’ High-Pointing journey to summit all the 50 (52) states in the U.S. (my list to complete includes territories too).  OR a larger feat is the 7(9) major summits in the world[2].   In Colorado, there’s the List of 53 to 58 peaks (depending on who you ask) over 14,000 feet that you can summit across the state[3].

All of these are varying in difficulty from the Aforementioned Mount Sunflower in Kansas to Denali in Alaska.

As I accidentally started my journey in 2010, And mid-2016 I decided to take up the task and try to do the U.S. High Points, so Follow Along with me on my summits page below.  If I do any other big peaks, I’ll update them there as well. Right now, just some U.S. Summits live there.


My Summits Page



1 Hightpointing: Climb to the Top of 50 States

2 Seven Summits of the World

3 What are 14ers? 

% Photo of my summit up Wetterhorn


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